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good luck

good luck


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This will last from 1 of july to 1st of august. Good luck all! BOTH CONSOLES! Leaders Skype : Thomastitland and itsware [both] for any questions and such. _____________________________________________ EDITORS : CLIP 1 : CLIP 2 : CLIP 3 : INTRO DOWNLOAD : _____________________________________________ GFX : - Make a background or logo and send in inbox or post speed art / progression as video response! OUR LOGO PSD : _____________________________________________ PLAYERS : - Get some sick killcams, put it together and make it over 1 minute long. Clantag 'LIKD'. because this is crashing with other RC then we have an option to have the two first possible title and emblem. the basic lv 1 ones. FEEDERS : USE [L] AS CLANTAG! _____________________________________________ NEW SERIES! - SEND IN CLIPS FOR ''TOP 5 PLAYS'' SEND IN INBOX, OR AS VIDEO RESPONSE WITH VIDEO TITLE : '' LIKED TOP 5 '' _____________________________________________ THANKS ALL, AND GOOD LUCK! _____________________________________________ Commentator : Liked RageZ :