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Recreating Music of the Ancient World...

4y ago


Michael Levy is a multi-talented musician & prolific composer, who since 2006, has focused his unique skills, at both intensively researching & recreating the ancient playing-techniques of the lyres of antiquity. Basing these techniques from both illustrations of ancient lyre players and the various playing-techniques still practiced today in Africa, he has independently produced 14 albums of ancient lyre music in just over 3 years... A live performance of Michael's evocation of the music of ancient Rome was filmed for a new 4-part BBC documentary series on the art & architecture of the Dark Ages, which will be called "The Age of Light" by ZCZ Fims, directed & presented by the Sunday Times art critic, Waldemar Januszczak ... Michael has also recently collaborated with the composers MaryAnne & Michael Tedstone, in performing lyre music, recorded at the George Martin Air Edel Studio, for an epic Roman-themed album "SPQR" for use in television & film, licensed by the renowned Felt Music Library. In 2011, a selection of Michael's lyre music featured as part of the British Festival of Archaeology Week, as background music for the show "Skies of Ancient Egypt & Greece" at the Planetarium in the World Museum, Liverpool, UK. In January 2011, Michael's live performance of "Hurrian Hymn (Text H6) c.1400BCE", the oldest fragment of written music so far discovered in History, also featured in an article in "The Biblical Archaeology Review". Michael is always willing to consider the licensing of his music to any independent film maker, television or radio producer interested in using any of his unique, historical music. Michael can be contacted directly via email: