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2y ago


This is the official Wikileaks K.G.B. Vladimir Putin real live DINOSAUR CAUGHT ON TAPE VIDEO FOOTAGE! Mr. Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder and CEO in exile, has risked life and limb to personally bring us this extraordinary highly classified ORNITHOMIMOSAUR footage. Dated circa 1967 and believed to have been captured by a former USSR expeditionary military outfit in Southern Africa, it was delivered to Moscow and held for many years in a heavily guarded "state secrets" facility deep underground The Lubyanka (AKA KGB Headquarters). It has since been confirmed that, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, was once held responsibility for its security and containment. Russian officials have long considered this video to be amongst the most incredible and earth altering videos in existence -- we simply cannot tell how the world will react to its release as the evidence of recent dinosaur life effectively rewrites what we have come to believe about our earths history. "THIS REAL DINOSAUR FOOTAGE WILL CHALLENGE AND AMAZE YOU. WE WOULD LIKE AT THE OUTSET TO CONVEY OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION TO JULIAN ASSANGE AND THE ENTIRE TEAM AT WIKILEAKS FOR RISKING MUCH IN SECURING THIS REMARKABLE PIECE OF FILM. HIDDEN FOR DECADES WITHIN "DIRECTORATE Z", KGB HEADQUARTERS, MOSCOW; THIS EXTRAORDINARY RECORDING -- OF WHAT IS THE UNDENIABLE MOVING IMAGE OF AN ADULT ORNITHOMIMOSAUR -- ONCE FELL UNDER THE DIRECT "CONTROL AND CONCEALMENT" OF A YOUNG AMBITIOUS OPERATIVE NAMED, VLADIMIR PUTIN. CONCEALED NO MORE, TODAY IS THE DAY, WE CAN REVEAL "MIMX 67z" TO THE WORLD." The wonderful music contained in the video is used with permission. Ken MacLeod (AND AS ALWAYS, WE WELCOME ANY PHOTOS, FOOTAGE, RUMOURS OR TIPS YOU MAY WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. SEND THEM TO US DIRECT VIA YOUTUBE PM! THANKS VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE.)