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Staff Picks

The Real Internet Housewives of H-Town: EP 5 "Young & the Fabolous"

2y ago


The Real Internet Housewives of H-Town Reality Show Details: Season 1 Title: Episode 5 "Young & the Fabolous" Executive Produced by Shazam & GI of H-TOWN Twitter: @htown4life Series Created & Produced by itche for n'fectious muse Twitter: @itche_itch Reality Show Details: A group of women meet on the internet via Facebook, twitter, and other social media networks and develop a very strong online relationship. After months of tweeting and posting, the ladies plan a girls night out get together to finally meet in person. While at the lounge and after a few drinks, the ladies peaceful, unified, online relationship goes bad with one altercation after the other. After only a few minutes of interaction, the women realize that their online personas don't match the real life representatives. Welcome to H-Town also know as Houston, Texas; home of the Real Internet Housewives!