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The Real Fruit Ninja: Slicing Fruits, Veggies with Playing Cards

4y ago


You don't want to play cards with this man. A Chinese man is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for throwing playing cards to slice vegetables. Forty-eight-year-old Ye Tongxin is from Nanjing in east China's Jiangsu Province. His day job is manager of school buses in the city. But in the evening, he does something entirely different. Mr Ye has been training for ten years to slice fruit and vegetables by throwing playing cards. The tools he uses are a five by six-and-a-half-feet frame and a few cucumber-shaped bags. Every day he puts the bags on the frame and practices throwing and slicing. Standing calm with his cards in hand, Mr Ye flicks the cards with such speed and force that the flying cards slice the cucumbers in half. [Ye Tongxin, Guinness World Record Contender]: "Usually, I'll spend one hour running at the playground in the morning. I'll run some eight to ten laps as a way to train my strength. Then after dinner, I'll train for two hours, starting from 6 to 8pm." Cucumbers or towel gourd might look easy to cut because their skins are crisp, but then Mr. Ye demonstrates how to cut apples and watermelons. The cards cut so deep into the apple that it is difficult to pull them out. His current best performance is cutting a row of 12 cucumbers in 47.2 seconds. His goal by the end of this year is to cut 18 cucumbers in 60 seconds to create a Guinness World Record. For more news and videos visit ➡ Follow us on Twitter ➡ & Add us on Facebook ➡