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believe me

believe me

"Ready, Set, Tempt!" by Old Fart Rants

4y ago


This is THE bedrock argument against Christianity: no one in history has ever produced a single scrap of irrefutable secular evidence from a source outside the Bible which validates any of the magical claims of Christianity described in it - period! And not a single person alive during the time Jesus supposedly was, wrote a word about him, or any of the miracles he performed including rising from the dead. Without the Bible, Christianity is nothing but a mental illness which causes delusional people to believe in, and commune with, imaginary characters. And a big part of that communing is prayer. Now the last thing a Christian wants to hear about is all the scientific evidence that's proven prayer to be nothing but superstition which can be explained statistical probability and random chance -- or how people who are prayed for don't recover from illness any better or faster than people who aren't. The fact is, there is no valid evidence proving that prayer works, and all the evidence there is points against it. So when it comes to debating whether prayer works or not I find that the Bible actually comes in very handy. By using the words of Jesus Christ himself, the entire weight of whether Christian prayer works or not can be hung on him, by using his own words. There are lots of Bible versus in which Jesus specifically says that all prayers will be answered -- and none of these claims have any sort of disclaimer attached -- since these are the very words of Jesus from a book published by God, we must assume they say what they say, and they mean what they mean. Jesus doesn't say God will think about your prayers, or maybe answer them or maybe not, or that all prayers are answered it's just that the answer could be yes, no or wait, does he? NO! He says very clearly, over and over that God will answer all your prayers - PERIOD! there are only 3 possibilities to explain why Christian praying doesn't work: 1) Jesus wants to answer your prayers but he can't - in which case he's not divine, and praying to him is pointless. 2) Jesus was a liar, and praying to him is pointless. 3) Jesus is a fictional character from the biggest hoax in history, and praying to him is pointless. Prayer is pointless superstition and a complete waste of time - you'll have exactly the same success rate praying to a fire hydrant as you will praying to Jesus - and that's a fact. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.