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Staff Picks

The Raw (CLEAN) - Saigon Feat Inspectah Deck, Bekay

4y ago


[Saigon] On the average night, I'm likely to stab a fag with a knife That's when I'm chilling, imagine when I'm mad what it's like Damn right it's a disasterous sight Why you think I've been in prison more than half of my life My life, wolves, bloods and crips, duckin' the digs We don't like basketball, but still fuck with the knicks Dimes, twenties, fifties and bricks Sell my aunt dope, if the bitch need a fix, it's strictly for chips. Do whatever it takes, the fakes, I can never relate Ya'll can chill as long as my cheddar is straight But if I'm broke, shit, I'ma load the beretta with eight Show y'all niggaz my gun game is better than great Little crack baby, ignorant son of a black lady Who never bothered to teach you cause the bitch was that shady Recognize nigga, we can settle the score Big Sai', Dutchmaster, we reppin' the raw [Chorus: DJ Dutchmaster scratches up samples] "Raw I'ma give it to ya" - U-God "Down and so raw, a thousand grams of uncut cook it up - Biggie "Raw I'ma give it to ya" - U-God "R.A.W., without a doubt" [Inspectah Deck] It's war, I want it all, man, nothing's enough I'm on the chatline doubling up, cousin it's us Pimpin' out the toy trucks, pumpin' the clutch Smooth through on the graveshift, dump on you ducks Above the law, still duckin' the cuffs, still fuck in the truck I hold you hostage, corrupt with the bust In the mean streets, stuck in the lust, never trusted in trust When the pressure's on, perform in the clutch When my hand deal, call it a flush, think I'm fallin', you nuts Northern Lights rap, caught with the rush Burn a big bud, tossing it up, flossin' is up The raw with the big paw, ballin' with us See my warface, the project halls is rough With a satellite phone you couldn't call my bluff Many runnings with jake, left my jaw to scuff On some what, paper chasing, from dawn to dusk [Chorus w/ "Raw without a doubt" as last line] [Bekay] Bekay's the reason that your label got a street team The definition of a street dream, listen to the streets scream The game made the pain, I'ma bring longer But I'm like Magic with AIDS, what don't kill you make you stronger Corny chickens, my dick, whores be licking Fifty pound loads, to they jaw, they sipping And anything I'm rhyming on, will spit flames to the roof Like gonorrhea dick, pissing with a condom on Had to do these slugs, locked in cutie's butts Dip my balls in vodka, I'm absolutely nuts Whose gonna spit, bruise in your clit If you nice on the mic, I'ma put screws in this bitch Your big fucking mouth just had a violent start More kids know my name than Mike Jackson's private parts Fuck your roster, my click burn labels Dutchmaster scratch your fuckin' face off with a turntable [Chorus 2X]