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provo, utah

provo, utah

Rappelling Bridal Veil Falls - Provo Canyon, UT 7-14-2012

4y ago


Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful waterfall located close to the mouth of Provo Canyon in Provo, Utah. It has a nice parking lot so you can stop and look at the beautiful waterfall without getting distracted and smashing your car. There is Rafting, Kayaking, and tubing down the river and an excellent little outdoor "restaurant" right there too! If you do decide to rappel the waterfall be sure to have someone at the bottom that can keep people clear of the rope and from falling moss and the occasional rock that gets knocked down. Be sure to have reliable 2-Way Radios in drysacks so you can communicate from top to bottom. The water is pretty loud at the top of the falls so be sure to have the volume all the way up. If you have whistles, you can hear the whistle from top to bottom, but not from bottom to top. There are no Chains or Bolts (PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY). You will need to sling a huge bolder at the top and don't bother bringing a pull cord. The rock is maybe 20ft from the edge and the biner block will go under the thick carpet of moss and will get stuck. It is best to have someone hike back up, drop the rope, and take down your anchor, and hike back down. The lower falls are about 200ft high. Your 200ft static rope will not reach all the way to the bottom unless you extend your anchor out pretty far, but there is a nice ledge that you can rap onto and then walk off. Please have common courtesy for the spectators below, be safe, and have fun! :)