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Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) - Alleged manslaughter incident information - Abaton Prague 2010

4y ago


READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE! -NEWS: - !!!THIS VIDEO DOES NOT CAPTURE THE ALLEGED DEADLY INCIDENT!!! THIS IS NOT FROM THE FULL CONCERT, ONLY 30 MINUTES OF IT! I'm not sure if any of these incidents here is the one that lead allegedly to his death! It's just to show how stagedivers were treated that night. I am also not saying Randy is guilty. If he pushed / thorwn / kicked that kid which lead to his death, than he is - accidental killing is still punishable. 1. I do not own this video, I just edited it. 2. I was not at the concert, although I wanted to go. 3. Randy was pretty rough, it's mentioned in many reports from that year (see below and this picture: 4. Czech police was trying to get Randy over for questioning, USA police did not cooperate. ----------------------------- What happened: Some fan was trying to get on the stage 3 times (maybe it's the same we see here) and he was kicked down/shoved from the stage so badly hit hit his head, suffered head trauma and died 2 weeks later. He was 19, reportedly not on drugs or drunk. Yes, he shoudln't go up on stage, but that's not a reason to incidentally kill him. Although in Czech republic it's not uncommon to stage dive or party a bit with the rockstars on stage... HATEFULL AND STUPID COMMENTS WON'T BE APPROVED! ----------------------------- Summed up reports about Randys behaviour from that night, via Cone419: "Randy behaved exactly as I expected from him. Fucker, who doesn't give a shit. This has been confirmed whan he gave a few fans pretty hard time. He was very upset when someone decided to visit the podium. The first one got hit quite a lot from Randy, then he jumped on top him and held him down while he continued singing. When he was standing up, he choked him a little bit for him to remember. When the fan got up Randy grabed him by the hair and threw down quite quickly. Good thing for that gentleman was so drunk (his frinds said that he was actually sober) that he felt nothing. "LAMB OF GOD have the almost perfect metal image - long hair and bearded faces make a strict impression and singer Randy proved a moment later, that it is not just a pose when he absolutely grimly took down a guy who already climbed several times on stage. Frontman made it clear where is his territory, the tresspasser felled to the ground, singer had given him a few right hooks and then threw him of the stage while he even didn't stop singing(!)." "The only negative aspect of that concert was a mildly controversial approach from LAMB OF GOD towards the stagedivers. In the heat of passion, some of the fans began climbing on the stage ... and in that moment, "Lamb of God" turned into a angry ram, when the fan was very brutally swept back down. I admit that I have never seen such a thing . Yeah, I can understand that not every band is curious about cheeky fans getting on stage. But there was always an unwritten limits to which the band and almost all fans kept, except the most drunkest assholes. LAMB OF GODs attitude was quite unnecessarily exaggerated to me ."