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2y ago


Zeus presents Rambo III (un-emulated) for the Megadrive. A true classic from the golden era of Megadrive gaming which must not be forgotten alongside the software house and all programmers that were involved in making this game. Here we have the full game but i used the invincible cheat starting on level 2 so i could show you the complete game without continuing all the time. It is uploaded in two parts as the game takes about half hour to complete. Great fast action Rambo game unlike the version we Amiga gamers had to accept :-( Well truth is the Amiga game wasn't really that bad, it was just a different style of game and not at the high pace of it's Megadrive counterpart. Love the bonus rounds where Rambo uses the power arrow! Hope all you Megadrive fans enjoy this upload. Please note that NONE of my game uploads are pc emulators or emulated in any way whatsoever. I am actually playing this on my dedicated Megadrive, that way you know you are watching the real thing. Emulators and longplays cannot be taken too seriously as most of them are not 100% faithfull to the original game and they are usually tooled up (inluding using other trick devices such as savestates) meaning a game is made to look alot easier and gives a false impression of how difficult the game really is and also most of them don't include the loading screens or much of the game title music. Don't accept fakes! My uploads are 100% original and un-emulated! Switch to 480p for best video quality and feel free to leave comments on my channel and vid's.