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Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 1 of 40

2y ago


"Raj Patel is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He has degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Cornell University, has worked for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against them around the world. He's currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Center for African Studies, an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a fellow at The Institute for Food and Development Policy, also known as Food First. He has testified about the causes of the global food crisis to the US House Financial Services Committee and is an Advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In addition to numerous scholarly publications, he regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to the LA Times,, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Mail on Sunday, and The Observer. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller. " (extract from the Dajjal Raj Patel's official website) Impressive!!!! EVEN A PRESIDENT HAS NOT SUCH A CV!!!!!!!! Have you ever seen a man so much connected with the elites???? Have you ever seen a so called activist working for the WB, the UN or the WTO? Have you ever seen such a sharp critic of the present system being promoted that way on all the major MSM? Of course not! This is the Dajjal what is about and this is a VERY serious matter! No one on this earth can say: "that's not my problem! That's ot for me!", it's your fate that is about. First of all, Raj Patel's activity as Food Expert was not chosen randomly, Raj Patel's public emergence in 2008 was not random too: Thanks to the 2008 world economic crisis, followed by a food crisis, Raj Patel has known a fulgurant ascension. And now as you see, the Arab Revolution is going on and is totaly related with food hunger. 2011 has been declared by the UN as the year of the Food crisis (worse than the one of 2008). More and more countries will be affected by domino's effect by the world crisis which will turn into a World Revolution (with WW3) and Raj Patel's iinsight will become more and more at the center of the discussions. Raj Patel not only speaks about food, but also about politics, a new model of society and new model of economy and.... a new spirituality which will prevails on the current ones: share, peace, brotherhood, Inter Faith, Humanism, New Age..... in other words, pure disguised Satanism. Beware of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, don't be surprised by his seduction, don't be fooled by his nice speeches, don't be confident in his apparent nice behaviour. Behind this disguise, an horrible and despicable devil/sheytan/Evil Jinn is hiding. All he wants is to make you deny Allah, Our Sole Creator, to make you disobey Allah and to make you provoke your own loss with him in hell forever. Allah is the Sole and Unique Master of the Universe, Allah is ruling the universe just right now, Allah is Full of Mercy towards his creatures, accept the reminder of Allah and come back to the Straight Path: to worship Allah/God Alone and to obey His holy books: Torah, Bible and the Quran prevails. Embrace the Mercy and Generosity of Allah and you'll receive an infinite reward in this life and eternal life in the heavens, otherwise, Hell awaits those who turn their back on Allah, Their Unique Creator and Benefactor.