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believe in

believe in

Raise These Sails - Mantracker

4y ago


FREE DOWNLOAD: New single "Mantracker" Lyrics: Notes from an exile overheard in a dream, the mask of time erodes the plains Forget the fire as the snow falls on the cedars, Mother Earth is no Mother of mine Mother Earth is no Mother of Misconception, another lie another resurrection, from the lips of the scum in power We're fucking maggots and we can't find shelter Blergh We light a candle for all that have fallen, they say we're gone and we're never forgotten They say that we don't have solutions, then maybe we might be the problem (Then maybe we might be the problem) Then maybe we might be the problems A fool's heart will lead him to corruption, so stay on path and serve them well With propaganda of the corporation, another pawn for the paper trail I am not a prophet, nor are we blind so I beg you to open your eyes This world is a slut to destruction, Mother Earth is no Mother of mine God I know (oh I know) it's oh so easy for you, step on mankind, ignore the signs We're falling under their feet. They never saw what you are until it's too late, the smoke has cleared, you're already set Just one look at what we used to believe in, smothered by capital solidarity I know your cruel intent, I am not blind to see, Guns placed in hands of children, blood drained into the sea We have no fucking future Mother Earth is no mother of mine Mother, Mother Earth, take one final look at the corruption you gladly take in your stride. Video by Kodie Smith