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"Rainbow Town" - Written By A Kid Ep 3 by Mike Diva

1y ago


What's a nice half-vampire-half-girl named Sally McGrease doing in a place like Rainbow Town? See Nora Lee's reaction to her video: How Rainbow Town was made: Special effects of Rainbow Town: Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: ‪‬ Join the conversation about "Written By A Kid" on our forums at: ‪‬ Click "See More" for more info on Scary Smash! Created By WILL BOWLES & JOSH FLAUM Executive Producers SHERI BRYANT FELICIA DAY KIM EVEY Supervising Producer DANIEL STRANGE Producers JOSH FLAUM WILL BOWLES Original Story by NORA LEE YOUNG Directed By: Mike Diva Assistant Director: NICHOLAS VENEROSO Director of Photography JAN-MICHAEL LOSADA Starring: Cylincia: SHAYLA BEESLEY Sally McGrease: MARISHA RAY Postman: MATTHEW MERCER Man Lure Into A Trap: MYSTERY GUITAR MAN (JOE PENNA) Producer SAX CARR Music By WILL GANNON Visual Effects KIAL NATALE (megasteakman) MIKE DIVA Editor ZAC SURPRENANT Assistant Roto Artist WAYNE BEHLE Swing KYLE MOORE Gaffter JOHN MIJIRES Production Assistants EMILE BONTY TARYN HOUGH Costume Designer JENNY NEWMAN Opening credits KEVIN IVERS Theme song by GREG BENSON Additional Guitar by DOUG BENSON Post-Production Supervisor BRENTON MURRELL INTERVIEW UNIT: Director DANIEL STRANGE Casting DINA BUGLIONE Dir. of Photography TONY OBERSTAR Production Design ADRIENNE GOODRICH Line Producer MARIANNE WUNCH Prod. Coordinator LINDSEY KOENS Sound Mixer LEONARDO NASCA PA/Intern NEIL McNEIL