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Rage at War

4y ago


Talked about gaming with tendonitis a bit in the begging and various other things throughout this session and, well I really shouldn't be playing shooters for obvious reason but it can't be helped I have to play them a little bit at least. Needless to say I did pretty shitty every match but I'm at many disadvantages with how fucked my hands/wrists already are and now they've been refuckulated after going insane playing world at war for a good hour but whatever so many fucking bullshit sniper babies and campers in this game just like any pathetic call of duty game or pretty well any shooter for that matter nothing I can do about it. Not like anyone is gonna be coming to my channel to find a high scoring WaW game because anyone that knows me knows that I don't give a flying FUCK about stats in these games it's just nice to achieve a good score when it does happen which isn't very often for me obviously. Gonna try to get more shooter content out again as that's what got me started in this whole thing and it's what got me into gaming for the most part so when my hands can manage I'll try to put out a variety of shooter videos because I love playing them and I love uploading them frankly so if you don't like it well you can shove harry potters wand straight up your ass!