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the decision

the decision

Racism & Cultural Appropriation - Why It Matters

1y ago


Discussion on how cultural appropriation and racism intersect... any why we should care. Below quote is translated into ASL. "Imitation, it is often said, is the highest form of flattery. But when the imitation is done with neither permission nor acknowledgment, and for a great deal of profit for the white community, and when it is accompanied by assertions that the culture from which it is taken is inferior, then imitation becomes the lowest form of racist theft. In white America, many aspects of our culture, such as religion, fashion, style, music, dance, and language (especially slang), have either been directly appropriated or modified from cultural forms or ideas that began in communities of color. [...] But the decision to appropriate has always been made by the dominant white culture, and credit for the source is seldom given. Whether it is an invention for which no credit is given to the inventor, or a musical or dance style for which the income goes into the pockets of the dominant culture, there is usually neither attribution nor payment, and even less accountability to the community of color from whence it came." — Joseph Barndt, Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-first Century Challenge to White America