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broke down

broke down

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At a meeting with MsA, Ruby learned she will be pitted against Emerald since they appeal to the same market. Upon MsA's prodding to think of herself & her career rather than always considering her ate, Ruby decides she cant turn her back on her sister, thus turning down MsA's offer. Papi Berns profusely apologizes to MsA and ran after her. Ruby is clinging to their principle in life: loyalty to family & a level playing field. Papi realizes his mistake & feels proud of his Ruby. Meanwhile MsA had an outburst upon confirming that she's been turned down. Ruby visits her ate Emerald to break the news & when she gets home, she is greeted by a pleasant news that she will be recommended for the lead role in a play. Terrence reiterates that Jeffrey is in denial that he is starting to like Ruby. Jeffrey continues to hound Ruby but she accepts his offer for a ride to the mall. On the way, rain poured, they seemed lost, and his car broke down. Ruby stubbornly got off the car, mad at him. He ran after her, but they can barely stand each other. Jeff ends leaving her alone to brave the rain. Ruby was furious. Emerald and Cassie meet & the latter offers to help her career to reach her dream because this will make Terrence happy because he loves her & considers her a very important person in his life. Cassie & Emerald had a girl-bonding-session, talking about Emeng's ideal guy, all along seeming to describe Terrence. Then he suddenly shows up. Emerald felt uneasy & made excuses to leave early. Cassie's mom took the liberty of booking a date for their wedding, Oct. 28. Terrence agreed to the date since Cassie was already ok with it. Emerald plans on avoiding Terrence so she can start getting over him. She ignores his calls and confides to Erpats that she's hurting even just seeing Cassie & Terrence together, & that she doesn't want to feel that pain anymore.