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occupy wall street

occupy wall street


2y ago


Visit: And start making money online now.. (10.15.11) IT'S NOT JUST NEW YORK. AND IT'S NOT JUST AROUND THE WORLD. IT'S AROUND THE COUNTRY TOO. THE PROTEST THAT GOT IT'S START IN THAT TINY MANHATTAN PARK LAUNCHED AN EVER GROWING RIPPLE EFFECT. From San Diego. Where police used pepper spray to get a handle on the crowd, after they started pulling down tents. To Oakland, California. Where marchers calling themselves "Occupy Oakland" marched through the city carrying signs protesting corporate greed. To San Francisco, where protestors crashed a speech by News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch. Interrupting the media mogul several times and accusing him of trying to profit off public schools before being escorted out by security. New York's Occupy Wall Street movement has moved West. And South too. Like here in Tallahassee, Florida where hundreds of protestors marched on Florida's capitol as part of "Occupy Tallahassee". Protesting corporate greed and their state's Governor Rick Scott's economic policies. And the movement isn't just being featured on the coasts. These snapshots show the growing solidarity protests from all across America. Over 70 cities and towns under the "Occupy" banner so far. Meantime prominent Democrats appear to be aligning themselves with the Occupy Wall Street movement. New York's Reverend Al Sharpton organized this march for jobs today in Washington, D.C. Rev. Sharpton told a TV interviewer: "Marching was never designed to solve the problems. They were designed to expose the problems. If no one exposes the problems they will not be solved. You have not had a march like this until today. And we have got nothing done. Maybe if we dramatize it and do like occupation wall street people will see that the masses of people want to see some solutions, some legislation's passed like the president's bill. Being quiet has got us nothing but rising unemployment data." Speaking for Republicans, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R) California, had this to say in their weekly statement to the media: "Our country continues to face serious challenges. And while Republicans are working every day to turn our