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Quasimidi Sirius JayB's sounds demo songs (2012)

4y ago


DOWNLOAD sound bank: No live video this time to demonstrate my new sounds for the Quasimidi Sirius. Up to two Siriussessess - since three melody tracks isn't enough - and some full arrangements with drums and everything. All sounds are 100% Quasimidi Sirius. External effects: EQ, Multi-band compressor. References: Demo No. 1: Stoneface & Terminal - Gallery Of Sound Demo No. 3: Super8 & Tab - Won't Sleep Tonight Demo No. 5: Marco Demark feat. Casey Barnes - Tiny Dancer (Deadmau5 Remix) Demo No. 7: Mark Pledger vs. Super8 & Tab - Worldwide Demo No. 8: Paul van Dyk feat. Adam Young - Eternity All photos (c) Johannes Berthold. In case you want them, send me a note. JayB homepage: JayB on Facebook: JayB on Twitter: JayB on SoundCloud: