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Pt 5/5 - No Fail Power Goal Setting - Debbi Dachinger

4y ago


Goal setting, a skill we have all practiced to a point at one time or another (ever set a New Year's resolution?) So why do so many of us fail so miserably at making those goals a reality? What stops us for getting what we want and how do we get past those obstacles that sabotage us? Is there an easy way to keep us on track so we can turn our dreams into reality? I had the honor of speaking with Debbi Dachinger, an expert in goal achievement. She is a radio & TV personality, a keynote speaker and spokeswoman on panels, plus a coach and a three-time bestselling author. Debbi's "Dare to Dream" radio show, is a syndicated, multi-award winning program with over 4 million listeners. The show offers inspiring information and methods on how anyone can achieve their goals and dreams. It provides hope as it helps listeners move their dreams and goals forward through solid guidance and examples. During our time Debbi and I spoke about the 5-step process we can teach our children to implement no-fail power goal setting that actually works. How we can identify and overcome what is sabotaging us accomplishing those goals, and more importantly ways we can help our kids dream crazy, big dreams. We all know setting the goals isn't the difficult part, staying on track is... so we also discussed that and staying motivated with specific techniques and exercises designed to help us move forward in making all our dreams and goals a reality. Never before has goal setting been presented in such an interesting, easy to implement and accomplish manner. Imagine what life would be like if you finally knew exactly what steps to take to turn your dreams and goals into reality and more importantly teach that skill to your children.