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Psychological Structures of Awakening (before and after awakening)

2y ago


FEEL FREE TO RATE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! more craziness at: Humans have been creating a false sense of reality through religion, media and education. It has been an ongoing process, getting worse and worse as time goes on. Humans have more ways of skewing and twisting reality today than ever before. People marvel at advancements in technology without thinking of its negative consequences. Technology is not your messiah! Technology has separated humans from nature/reality. Television has separated family members from enjoying authentic relationships with one another. Films are stopping people from taking political action and getting involved in their local governments, leaving it to power-hungry wolves. The gap between reality and fantasy has become so huge that bridging will take gigantic effort. It's got to be a very big bridge indeed. It can be done in small steps. Every time you are about to negate reality, lie, twist truth, hide information, etc, please stop yourself and reconsider. Catch yourself in acts where you are trying to escape an ugly reality, a negative emotion or anything dark. Shattering illusions is not easy, so we got to assist one another. Approach reality and your own shadow in increments. You don't have to rush into it like a madman. Every person that faces the ugliness of this world, in whatever way he or she can, brings more light into the world. It sounds ironic, but that's how it works. We must shine a light in the dark places. The darkness is not going to go away by negating it. It is going to diminish by becoming a spark of light, keeping your flame burning, so others can find their way. We must stand in the darkness, bringing light to it, not running to the light, and becoming totally blind. Darkness is needed. The stars shine only because they are surrounded by total darkness. Those who negate the darkness and ugliness of this world are actually bringing more darkness into the world. There are good people in the darkness, lighting your way, you won't be alone. Come! I'm not sure what happens during meditation. You just sit there, focusing inside yourself? I don't see how that helps anybody, even to the one who meditates. The one reason that I don't believe in meditation is because I don't believe a person can change any process within themselves for the better. I've said this a BILLION times before: an ego CANNOT have a TOTALLY objective view of itself. I don't know how else to put it. An ego cannot destroy itself. Moreover, consciousness cannot "grab" itself, because it is the thing that tries to "grab" things. So, what happens in mediation, other than mental masturbation? Meditation can actually be dangerous, a path of escapism. The way to meditate is to bring consciousness to things you do, not sit in an empty room and daydream. If someone is bothering you, then bring that bothering to consciousness by discussing it, researching it, talking to that person, etc. Escaping into a dark room and just sitting there with Indian flutes playing in the background is not going to do anybody any good. Aha! If you don't want to confront people or situation, then that's fine. But, if you think you are somehow "progressing" through mediation, then I'm sorry to break your bubble by saying that you are doing nothing but intellectual masturbation. I guess you have the right to mental masturbation. Eh! An ego or consciousness can only progress or grow by interacting with the environment/people around it. Real meditation is to bring mindfulness or consciousness to EVERYTHING you do. Even if you bring consciousness to "bad" things you do, then you are "meditating." Time to reorient ourselves! Meditation and being quiet is an effect of awakening, but awakening is not an effect of meditation. You feel me? An awakened person would be inclined to sit quietly and just breath, but a delusional person can't reach enlightenment by sitting quietly and breathing forcefully....