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big mountain

big mountain

Psychic Healing w/ Grounding - Part 1

4y ago


This is my first GROUNDING video. It is a great one to learn, and it is a recommended 1st step before you try some of my other videos. This video, the Grounding part 2 video, and/or the Hand Chakra part 1 video are great places to start if you are new to these topics, or new to my videos. I am a personal growth psychic reader & here I show you how to practice grounding yourself. The video walks you through creating your own grounding and using it to release energy that is not yours. The video walks you through using different images to ground yourself. Feel free to experiment with different images such as a waterfall, a beam of rainbow colored light (try each color at a time if you like), a big strong tree trunk with roots going into the center of the earth, a big mountain, etc...........If you like this video please comment & subscribe. Subscribing means that you will get an email each time a new video is posted to the JanetWrightReadings YouTube channel. Since videos can be posted at irregular intervals, subscribing means you will know when a new one is up. The video mentions phone and in-person readings, but now all my readings are by phone. This is less draining & more time efficient for me so I can help more people & stay well myself! :-) For more information on my personal growth psychic readings, my meditation webinars, and my guided meditation recordings, see my site