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ps vita

PS VITA - Resistance: Burning Skies™ Thumbs up for dual controls

4y ago


The award winning PS3 first person shooter franchise, Resistance, makes its debut on PS Vita in in which players step into the boots of an everyday hero, Fireman Tom Riley, in the first day of the Chimera invasion of America through New York City. For the first time on a handheld device, FPS fans will experience the familiar home console way to play shooters with dual analog support and can expand their gameplay online with multiplayer and location based gaming capabilities. In addition to a robust single player mode, there's a dynamic multiplayer mode and in that multiplayer mode in Resistance, you can get infected with Chimeran virus. Now, that may sound a little intimidating initially, but it's actually a good thing because the Chimera virus actually gives you a multiplayer bonus experience. In fact, you can take it a step further through NEAR and infect your friends. Once you've infected them, they get that same bonus in multiplayer, so everyone's getting a little bit of the benefits.