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Staff Picks

Propositions 2 & 4: Understanding California's Ballot Propositions

4y ago


Proposition 2: Farm Animals Proposition 4: Abortion for Minors Although overshadowed by the presidential race, Californians will be asked to vote on 12 propositions in November, 2008. These initiatives, placed on the ballot by either the California state legislature or by California citizens, represent critical state policy choices for Californian voters. Among these hotly contested issues are Proposition 8, which seeks to reverse the California Supreme Court's recent legalization of gay marriage, Proposition 4, which would require parental notification for any abortion performed on a minor, and Proposition 11, which would change the way in which California congressional and legislative district boundaries are drawn. Pepperdine University School of Public Policy Professor Michael Shires explains these complex issues in detail and answers questions regarding the initiatives on this fall's ballot.