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george bush sr

george bush sr

Proof Obama is Antichrist!!! Pastor Bill Dollar comedy

4y ago


A nutty televangelist makes the same false predictions many so-called Christian leaders have made over the last 40 years - that every US president is the Antichrist, despite the fact that nearly all of these men (Obama included) are professing Evangelicals. The Bible saya NOTHING about the United States presidents and the book of Revelation does not mention the word "Antichrist" even once. This is Premillienial-Dispensational Fundamentalism at it's most intelligent & intellectual scholarliness. Barack Obama is the mystery 666 man! Like most US presidents before him (ie. Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton) Obama is defintely the 666 until proven otherwise by the next US president that comes after him. Actually the 666 man was Emperor Nero because Revelation 17:9-10 tells us the identity of him: the beast is 7 kings, 5 that were already dead when Revelation was written (Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius), a 6th king was already living (Nero, whose name adds up to 666 in Hebrew), and a king who would reign for a short time after him (Galba who ruled for 7 months). Also, the Antichrist is not mentioned once in Revelation, Daniel, Thessalonians or anywhere in Scripture except John's letters. In John's letters it is nothing more than a generic reference to any heretic who denies the Father & Son of the Godhead or denies that Jesus came in the flesh. Copyright, Paul Martin, 2010.