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naomi campbell

naomi campbell


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Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA, Chantel is 25 years old and is one of six children. Of the children five were female and one male. However, Chantel never quite fit in with the girls, as you would always catch her jumping out of trees, playing sports, or wrestling-never dancing, playing hopscotch, or roping with the girls. As she matured she would always receive comments about her pursuing modeling because of her slim build and abnormal height advantage over her other siblings. Modeling still never crossed her mind as she continued to play sports and focus on athletics throughout her high school and college career. In high school, she used to watch "America's Next Top Model" on television and deep inside knew she had what it took to be a model as far as work ethic and dedication, but never felt like she was pretty enough or had the right body for modeling. It wasn't after college that she actually attempted modeling, as she was introduced to a local artist who was really looking for extra girls to be in his video. When approached at the idea, she was timid and afraid at the thought of being on camera. So after that video, she began becoming more and more comfortable in front of the camera. She began setting up her own shoots with local photographers and that's when she realized may have what it takes. Shortly after, she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she was determined to find different opportunities to get her name out. From promotional modeling for FlyerPromo magazine, GotGirls Inc, Royalty Modeling Troupe, and even a group called Militant Chic Modeling, Chantel felt that she needed to change of pace. She continued to work with other photographers, research events in which they needed models, and also networked with local artists in Orlando. As a result, she was able to feature music videos for independent artists-rock group formerly known as Joy Island, rapper PI Bang, Reggaeton artist Big Leezy, and most recent rapper Nuk Grissle. She wishes to do many more projects in the future. She is now focusing her career not only videos, but for high fashion, event hosting, commercial, and every aspect of modeling you can imagine to live up to her influences of Marilyn Monroe, Kim Porter, Naomi Campbell, and even Tyra Banks. Later on in her career she wishes to start her own foundation for sexually abuse women who may have the desire to model or engage in the entertainment business, basically be her own brand and take advantage of every growing opportunity that she is approached with. Her favorite saying is "When I become a household name, that's when I'll know I've worked my hardest..." so until then, lookout for Chantel Cherry.