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the hangover

the hangover

Prolific - Post Generation X

4y ago


Artist: Prolific ( Producer: Equalibrum ( Lyrics: Call me Jack Kerouac, James Dean, Bob Dylan, Yo wussup everyone now tell me how you're feeling! I'm the next young prophet, kills himself when he's young, Fucked up in the head with no place left to run, Got a gun but I know that I'm too afraid to use it, So I took what I was feeling and I started making music, The neighbors say I'm useless, my friends just think I'm fucked, And the girls in my life I just don't want to bring them up, So What, I spend most of time wandering the streets, To see the poverty that creeps between the models and the geeks, Walk in a dark cafe see what they can offer me to eat, Punk guitarist next door always rocking me to sleep, I was brought up in the reeds, middle class mom and dad, Dog and cat, on the track to be another college grad, It all went fast, really never knew why I ever started rap, I guess I started, and I was off, so I never stopped to ask Chorus Let me be your anti-hero, mister anti-pop, It doesn't sound good, and it's not what the family wants, Just a whole lot of noise that doesn't amount to much, But this music (music) it's all about the rush! This is for all of us, the youth, the kids who never listen, With umbilical cords attached to the back of televisions, Prozac players, punks and preps, Raise up, this is Post generation X!! Jack Kerouac It's the beat generation, it's be-at, it's the beat to keep, It's the beat of the heart, it's being beat and down in the world, And like old time low down.... I've found this life's a can't miss, an empty last wish, it's like falling in love with the girl who can't kiss Fact is, at 2 in the afternoon, I'm still in bed, mattress smells like old sex, room smells like cigarettes, On the floor bottle of liquor, ashtray, candles, Across from a desk, beside pack of camels, I t's raining outside, the weather talks to my soul, Turn the tap on but the hot water was cold, Get sober off left-overs ignore the dishes in the sink, Get rid of the hangover with a little bit to drink, Need a little time to think today's no different from tomorrow, Let it Repeat till I'm the old man buying tickets for lotto, Drinking liquor out my bottle and just living in a condo, Wondering if my life will ever be written in novel, Most of these nights I'll lay down but I won't sleep, Be looking up at the ceiling and counting cloned sheep, Chorus X 2 This is for everyone who's ready for change, For people doing something different with their lives, Our generation's grown up in a strange world, And it's time we take control of it, It's time to find out who we really are, To figure out what really matters, And together as a youth movement, as an anti-culture, We can finally give meaning to this generation, This post generation X...