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Project Pat - 528-Cash

4y ago


As I sit in my cell might as well be in hell/ left for dead 2 on 1, 4th floor where I dwell/ couldn't tell thought you was a man but you was a bitch, A NIGGA THAT I DIE FOR, REALLY WAS A SNITCH,/ let me switch back to tha scene, scene of the crime/ where i left, all my hopes and dreams caught me wit a nine/ duffel bag full of plenty cash empty out safe/ hit tha mask but a nosy fag fucked up my escape/ I could take, any charge cause its death before its honor/ (Do you plead guilty on this case?) No ya honor/ wonda, how not guilty, turned to guilty, could it be, that my homeboy, turned state on me/ I can see, you and the victim sittin like a hoe/ On tha prosecutor's side shove a 9 down her throat/ Of a coward punk bitch, yo body in a ditch/ could of sold my own soul just to see tha 9 click/ Click and yo carcass fall like the gravel fell/ 9 years what they gave me, then took me to jail/ Did I tell nigga hell naw Project aint a hoe/ We can blast wit dem thangs or we go, toe to toe/ Bullets blow, niggas brains out, into outer space/ Killas bust, on you lames then leave witout a trace/ Just in case, you was wonderin did I let him live/ He's at home wit his wife, but he better watch his kids Snitches... Bitches....