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Project Brony! An MLP:FiM AMV Comiplation

4y ago


*PLAYLIST WITH TIME LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION* With Season 1 officially finished, I decided to make this 3-AMV movie. Pay attention to the intermissions, however. I placed the AMVs in this order due to reactions/opinion from the individual versions. PLAYLIST (Added time to give options to skip to a specific AMV): 1:00 Opposite of Adults (Chiddy Bang) This is a casual video and the first PMV I created. At least 10% hated it for the song itself, so I placed it here first. 4:16 INTERMISSION 1 5:05 Oh No You Didn't! (Wojahn Bros.) This is comdey based, with all the reaction and slapstick around. 8:21 INTERMISSION 2 8:37 5oul on D!splay (Daiki Kasho/Johnathan Underdown) Action based. So far, no one complained about this and this is my best work yet. And so I saved this for last! 12:56 EPILOGUE/CREDITS So it's one rap, one... piano musical, and one rock techno. Something for everypony.