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reform school

reform school

Preview videos for the week of August 6, 2012

1y ago


Next week's videos will make you laugh, help you get organized, be creative in the kitchen and more" SHEs in the Kitchen: Low-carb treats for Kids (5:49) Just two ingredients stop the craving of junk food. Happy Thoughts Tuesday: Marla and I talk about the happiness sappers. (2:29) SHE Reform School: Martha Stewart, eat your heart out. (5:52) I can cut folding linens time in shreds. This tip is quick and pretty. Young@Heart: We want instant results. (4:12) It's our inner child who is always wondering, "are we there yet?" Friday Surprise: Kyle Marsh one of my bonus grandsons has a very important message for you. (3:24) Styrofoam hurts my ears, but I found out it hurts more than that! We certainly can learn from our kids.