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The President's General, 505: A crude affair

4y ago


New novel by Manny Segarra Released 2-2-2012 The President's General, 505: A crude affair By Manny Segarra, Author Available at,, and © Manny Segarra, 2011 ISBN: 978-0-578-09627-8 In America, there is an anonymous secret agent, an invisible man, a ghost, a covert operative so powerful, that only the President of the United States knows of his existence: The President's General, agent 505. Commissioned to address and resolve foreign and domestic matters, deal with unstable governments, communism, wars, world threats, and maintain an administration at home that is corruption free and frugal, The Commander In Chief has created the position of The President's General. With unlimited power, the full resource of the United States and a license to kill, the President has appointed Special Forces Operative Colonel Gregg Kurtz, as The President's General, code name 505. 'Your mission is to remove the Iranian Prime Minister, and replace him with...' 'You may request anything you need to carry out your assignments. Anything at all.' 'While performing your duties it may be necessary to take the lives of others, which you are hereby empowered to do, based upon your determination of the greatest good for the greatest number of all concerned, your life will be constantly threatened.' 'You'll receive orders, missions, handle situations, and assignments only from me. No other person is authorized to give you orders or missions.' This unique mission challenges as never before Special Forces Operative Colonel Gregg Kurtz and his team of SMO's, Secret Military Operatives. Can 505 come out alive? Will the President's General succeed?