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alex heartman

alex heartman

Power Rangers 2011 Samurai Official Cast Promo

6y ago


** THIS IS THE OFFICIAL CAST BUT A FAN-MADE PROMO** ok so i have to give some credit here!!! i got the idea from catt021's video for their Power Rangers Samurai Promo! Also i give credit to them for the music in this. i couldnt find any good music and the song they used was perfect! sorry i stole it :D i think this is pretty good for me not ever, EVER seeing and episode or even knowing about them. i have never watched this show and i surprisingly found some good scenes haha Ok so saban baught back power rangers from disney ( THANK GOD) and is now going to keep the memories alive by making the 18th season to hit the power ranger world. i think its going to be called Power Rangers Samurai Strike ? haha Ok So the people in this video are the ACTUAL Cast Reese is going to be played by Alex Heartman Ava is going to be played by Brittany Pirtle Baron is going to be played by Najee De-Tiege Sadie is going to be played by Erika Fong Parry is going to be played by Hector David Jr. Wesley is going to be played by Steven Skyler This Is For Entertainment Purposes Only