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connecting the dots

connecting the dots

Possible Earthquake Lights 1 5/30/12

2y ago


This was the most interesting think I have seen in the sky. What appeared to be rainbows at first really turned out not to be. The rainbow colors were fix in two different positions one on each side of the sun. This is not a creation from the sun glare on my phone. Obviously you see me try and tilt the phone to minimize and give a clearer view of what i was seeing. There was no rainbow arc at all and this was the first time I have seen phenomenon like this. I think this could be earthquake lights, similar to the ones recorded on video 30 minutes before the earthquake in china a few years ago. Now I could be overreacting and this could be from moisture in the clouds reacting to the rays of the sun. But just the way this was is, unusual. This was recorded on 5/30/12 in Union City, NJ. The second video I have was recorded a good 20 mins after in Secaucus, NJ. There were "Chemtrails"/"Contrails" that day all over the sky that day about 2 hours before these videos when the sun was much higher. Which i should have recorded also in case there was a connection. I had done research into understanding the phenomenon and kept and eye out, since the earthquake that shook the whole east coast last year. I have a theory in regards to this. If in fact that earthquake was an omen and a warning of whats to come, I had taken a map from the Wall street journal that showed the different points of intensity according to witnesses along the whole east coast. IF ANYONE HAS THAT ARTICLE IMPLORE YOU TO FIND IT and begin connecting the dots with lines from the strongest points of intensity. I believe what I drew that day is a warning of the widespread damage that is going to happen, if a "great earthquake" is to happen. Now according to simulated maps after the great earthquake littered on youtube, a good portion inland all along the east coast will ultimately be underwater. Now the map i used in the wall street journal seemed to match up or show a good portion of those dots would be underwater, according to the simulated maps. Im not mentally ill, nor hospitalized for mental illness or a heavy conspiracy theorist, but im only sharing and being open minded about scenarios listed on youtube. HAARP seems to be the most unsettling theories of weather control to me and my instincts tell me, haarp is being used for something unhelpful for humanity, I am steadily believing this world is controlled by those with massive weatlh, I dont believe in Reptilian theory till it can be proven conclusively, and im interested in knowing and having the mainstream press confirm whether Nibiru/destroyer/elenin whatever you want to call it, is real. The theory of the great earthquake that is imminent is an extremely fascinating read, and so are the theories of how similar all religions are in their stories of a begining and an end. I am a christian firmly planted in my belief in Jesus Christ, and if some of these theories can be proven or discredited it will help to understand the world Im living in and somehow coming up with a theory that some how religion CAN IN FACT be intwined with so many other possible scenarios. ITs a fascinating year full of beliefs, theories, and religious undertones.