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Portal: Terminal Velocity

4y ago


SEE THE NEW BEFORE & AFTER SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON OF PORTAL: TERMINAL VELOCITY, HERE: UPDATE! (Jun 27 2012) The video has been updated since I first posted it, but I'm not able to simply replace videos on Youtube, so if you want to watch the corrected version, here's the link to the Vimeo version: . A very simple mistake on my part that I should've caught, and you probably wont even notice. Since many of you are trying to figure out the mistake, it happens during the falling section when he is looking down, about 1:43. Instead of the camera being in right hand, it is in the left hand instead. The footage was flipped in post by accident, and I did not realize it after the fact. The footage is on a 2D card in 3D space, and in 3D space where looking up at the 2D footage from behind, so there fore it appears reversed. (Make sense)? AE guys should understand. DESCRIPTION: My interpretation of what a real Portal gun would be like if one existed. Based on the video game, Portal. I tried to match the game as close as possible. This was not done by any large company or a VFX team, but merely just by myself as a hobby. This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection. ENJOY! The Visual Effects. Breakdowns will follow so watch for that. For those of you that think the gun is a physical prop you can buy, well.....sorry to break the news to you, but it's entirely CG. The 3D Portal gun was replacing/covering up a painted up coffee can with tracking markers. Here's a 3D turntable of the model, For anyone that wants to know the song used: Snakes On The Take - Software Used: Autodesk Maya - Modeling/ lighting Zbrush - Texturing PFTrack - 3D tracking After Effects - to composite HDR shop - to capture High Dynamic Range images for 3D lighting/ Refections Trapcode Particular - for particles