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Pope Mafia drug money laundry. Pedophiles.

4y ago


Arrest the Pope for drug dealing, money laundry. Buy the book by Gianluigi Nuzzi to expose the Mafia Pope. The Vatican had already warned of legal action against the author, Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, after he broadcast letters in January from the former No. 2 Vatican administrator to the pope in which he begged not to be transferred for having exposed alleged corruption that cost the Holy See millions of euros in higher contract prices. The prelate, Monsignor Carlo Maria Vigano, is now the Vatican's U.S. ambassador. Nuzzi, author of "Vatican SpA," a 2009 volume laying out shady dealings of the Vatican bank based on leaked documents, said he was approached by sources inside the Vatican with the trove of new documents, most of them of fairly recent vintage and many of them painting Bertone in a negative light. Bertone, 77, had no diplomatic experience when, after Benedict's election, he took over the high-profile job as the main administrator of the Vatican and its external relations. He had long been Benedict's loyal deputy as a canon lawyer at the Vatican's orthodoxy office. But he has been blamed for a series of gaffes that have plagued Benedict's papacy and, according to the leaked documents, generated a not inconsiderable amount of ill will directed at him from other Vatican officials. "For some time and in various parts of the church, criticism even by the faithful has been growing about the lack of coordination and confusion that reign at its center," Cardinal Paolo Sardi, the former No. 2 official in the Vatican secretariat of state, wrote to the pope in 2009, according to the letter reproduced in "His Holiness." At a news conference this week, Nuzzi defended the publication of the book and said he wasn't afraid of Vatican retaliation. In fact, he even taunted Vatican prosecutors to seek help from Italian magistrates to investigate the case, charging that it would be a remarkable turnaround, given that the Vatican has been less than helpful in the past when Italian prosecutors came asking for information for their investigations. He praised his sources — and said there were several — in his acknowledgments, writing: "They risked their jobs, loves, lives to entrust their big and little secrets." Let's end the nightmare known as the Roman Catholic Church once and for all... Not one more dime of taxpayers money going into it's coffers and it needs to be treated under the RICO law as the criminal organization that it is..... How anyone would continue to contribute a dime to this nest of corrupt pedophiles is a huge mystery The Vatican, the sovereign papal state at the heart of Rome, introduced new rules that would make the world thing they are "cleaning up" its financial system: but it's just another one of its deceitful mannerisms to silence another one of its scandals. At the heart of that system is the Vatican's own bank, the Institute of Sexual Religious Works (IOR). Until now the IOR has operated with few of the regulations that govern the activities of banks in the wider world, with disturbing results. In the 1980s the criminal Catholic Church organization was exposed in an infamous fraud scandal - the Banco Ambrosiano affair - which made global headlines when its chief, Roberrto Calvi, was found hanging from a bridge in London, a murder that has never been solved, since the Vatican is an expert in cover-ups. More recently, Italian state prosecutors have been investigating this evil organization for money laundering at the IOR, freezing some accounts, seizing funds and putting its president under formal scrutiny. Filmmakers Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano have been examining this latest chapter in the history of a notoriously secretive and corrupt organization, divulging evidence that the true love of this global organization is money. For more information about organized crimes of the Catholic Church, visit: