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Popa Chubby - LITTLE WING (extended) - at The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, Kent on 23.03.10.

3y ago

Description PETE FEENSTRA -My aim is to promote the best in enduring quality music and up and coming bands in the blues-rock / r&b / roots and quality tribute field. Visit the website for forthcoming gigs at assorted venues and also view exclusive videos there. Popa Chubby at The Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, Kent on 23.03.10. Popa Chubby - Guitar, vocals Dan Hickey - Drums A J Pappas- Bass PLEASE VISIT THE LINKS. Born Ted Horowitz, Popa Chubby is a true native son of the Big Apple. He was born in 1960 in the Bronx. His parents owned a candy store on the corner of 181st Street and Arthur Avenue. His early memories of hearing the juke box playing the hits of early sixties soul and R&B made a lasting impression on him. During the 1970's, Popa began to hear the blues rock that was everywhere. Johnny Winter, Foghat, Led Zepplin and the Rolling Stones were on the radio and in the record stores and Popa listened to these records over and over on a beat up record player At age sixteen he picked up his first guitar.In the late 70's Punk Rock hit the scene, and Popa answered a classified ad in the Village Voice for a guitarist. He was hired by Japanese performance/special effects artist, Screaming Mad George, and played a fortuitous gig at CBGB in New York City's Bowery. There he met Punk Rock godfather, Richard Hell, who was putting together a new version of his band the Voidoids. Popa was hired for a world tour. All the while Popa was honing his licks via the records of Albert, B.B. and especially Freddie King. In 1984, while busking in New York's Central Park, he met singer-songwriter Pierce Turner who had just signed with RCA Records. Pierce and Chubby shared a love for Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix. Chubby was hired for a world tour and asked to contribute his blues-inflected guitar playing to Pierce's album The Sky and The Ground. Popa worked with Pierce throughout the late 80's, all the while itching to play the blues he loved. In 1990 the Popa Chubby Band was born. The name was taken from an impromptu jam with Bernie Worell, one of the founding members of 70s psychedelic rock and R&B group Parliament-Funkadelic. "He was singing a song called Popa Chubby' and he pointed at me." The name captured the essence of what his music has come to represent. "Popa Chubby basically means to get excited. The core of my music is about excitement. I think music should make people feel alive." Popa Chubby's latest CD on Provogue Record at the time of the filming is 'THE FIGHT IS ON'. PLEASE VISIT THE LINKS.