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linkin park

linkin park

Pony Confessions Simulator 3: CONF3SSIONS

4y ago


bigger, longer, more confidential Music: Mass Effect 3 Cabin Music - Is This All There Is by The Paranomasiac Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand The Andy Griffith show theme song (yeah, i can't actually find the specific version I used) *correction* it's this one (thanks Ibeatganon4fun) Final Fantasy X Battle Music Crawling - Linkin Park In the end - Linkin Park Untitled - Simple Plan This is Halloween Instrumental When heavens divide instrumental Took me as long as all of the other confessions videos combined to make. I tried to change things up a bit and do a few new things, like somewhat categorizing the confessions (yeah i know, the categories aren't cast-iron, but they're pretty general categories) I think the thing I could improve on most next time is the sound levels. I had like 50 audio tracks by the end of this... and it shows because the volume isn't very consistent between clips.