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human condition

human condition

Ponies Royale

1y ago


Thank you, and welcome. This is going to be my first (and sadly, last) real video, and it's a lament for the end of a brony era. It feels to me like the brony "world" is shifting from simply just appreciating the show for its own sake, and changing to focus more on the fandom itself. We have like three fan-made episodes in production, fully fan animated shorts, beautiful PMVs without any show footage....The show's almost just another part of the fandom. I wanted to make a final, grand last "Thank You" to the show, before the fandom takes off in this new direction. Never forget the team of artists, writers, musicians, producers that went the extra mile to make something truly amazing... all for a show that really had no business being good. It didn't "need" it be. All it had to do was be pink and sell toys, and Hasbro would of been perfectly happy. It would of set them in the black, and the team would of been given a second season. Instead, they dared to create something truly amazing. They saw the limitations of their genera as a challenge, and dared to create something that could transcend their demographic. The best stories aren't the ones that speak to the nature of the human condition -- they're the ones that wash over you easily, grip you in their cathartic embrace, and let you forget about your troubles for a while. Are there better stories out there? Yeah, sure. But there's nothing that had less business being good. Never forget.