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the university of virginia

the university of virginia

Political Framing, UVA President Firing, MSM Coverage of Campaigns - The Point (Full Episode)

4y ago


The Democrats' framing and messaging, do they bungle it time and time again? Should Democrats frame the issues differently? The ouster of the President of the University of Virginia by the Board in order to go in a more "for-profit" direction - does that make sense for schools? Why does the mainstream media discuss the trivial nonsense of campaigns so much? Cenk Uygur (Host, "The Young Turks") leads the panel to discuss these issues and more with Jill Klausen (Political Consultant,, Lee Camp (Political Comedian, Activist, Author of "Moment of Clarity",, and Lynn Vavreck (Associate Professor of Political Science & Communication Studies at UCLA, Special thanks to George Lakoff (Professor of Linguistics, University of California, and Seth Kaye (University of Virginia Student Activist, for sending in their points. Subscribe: Watch More Points: Skip to Segment 2: Skip to Segment 3: Cenk Uygur Jill Klausen: Lee Camp: Lynn Vavreck: George Lakoff: Seth Kate: Twitter List To Follow: Host Cenk Uygur: Panelist Jill Klausen: Panelist Lee Camp: Panelist Lynn Vavreck: Contributor George Lakoff: Contributor Set Kaye: Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!)