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Poison Diet Pill - Effective Weight Loss

4y ago

Description This is the diet pill that has put the industry on its ear. Truly based in Science, Poison is the most powerful diet pill we've seen come out and customers are coming back again and again to re-order! Company Info Most researchers agree that specifi c PEA (phenylethylamine) analogs are the best fat loss, mood enhancement, serious energy, and hunger suppression compounds on the planet. In fact they rate anywhere from 100-1000% more eff ective on all points when compared to ephedrine/ephedra, synephine or any other currently marketed fat-loss oriented product. The large range in variance of eff ectiveness is a result dependant upon specifi c structure, and which synergist(s) is included in the product design to enhance the desired eff ects while supporting other fat loss networks in a symbiotic manner. Note I said specifi c PEA analogs, not PEA itself! PEA is about as useless as a zipper on a Scottish kilt. A big problem with PEA, and most analogs related to it, is that their positive aff ects last too short in the body. A second weakness is that most PEA analogs have very poor oralbioavailability. In fact, some analogs last, as short as 10 minutes. That sucks of course. What good is a product intended to support all this good stuff if it only lasts minutes? For that matter, what good is it if it lasts less than at least 12+ hours? Come on, how many pills do you have to take in one day to get the job done right? Answer: One if its Poison™ for all day, and one Comatose™ for all night. Simple enough?