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PMtv - AMERiCANS 'EVERyBEAS†' Animation / Live Session

4y ago

Description The first in a series of terrible animation mixed with a live recording session in June 2012. THE WIRE 2011 " thats clever! thats good! wow! thats ok, its interesting i suppose, its not so bad, i preferred the last one, its pretty shit, i dont like it, kinda awful, pure amateurs, i HATe this. " TRUE: AMERICANS is a duo based in Liverpool formed by Jacobia & Trippy from Stig Noise / Horse Bastard and many many other others MEH: These (non) AMERiCANS make improvised adventure loop based dub hop wonk noise classical gabba pop post everything jams. ( no computers used in making music ) TRUE: we tend to flow somewhere between old computer game sounding riffs, looped bass workings, and some kind of casio tone folk adventure grind hop. We dont use computers live or during recording to make any sounds or automate anything, what we make live using basic cheep loop pedals, just a mini drumkit , a mini casio tone, some basic effect pedals and a couple of stroppy modified electronic things ... TECH: - The mini modified drumkit feeds via microphones into a mixer then back to a loop pedal which feeds out of a speaker. at times this channel can easily be slipped into a feedback loop (1). The modified mini keyboard & mic feeds through basic fuzz + delay effects pedals and loop pedal 2 into the mixer/eq, out and into the second input on loop pedal 2 loop 1 then returning to the mixer back out through tthe speaker as described above. this can at times easily be pushed into feedback loop(2). also at hand at times are boxs/toys containing simple circuit bent electronics. mostly starve the signal of what we are making so it flips out that can be operated with a line in or a built in mic, so it can 'effect' for example, everything else in the room. The remaining channels on the mixer are looped on themselves to create feedback loops (3,4 + 5). All music, film and animation by: AMERiCANS A █ █ YFM █ █ Film