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jack johnson

jack johnson

Please Stay The Night (Acoustic Original Song in Style of Jason Mraz)

4y ago


Free Download: "Please Stay the Night" is an acoustic original song by me :) Shan Carballo. Influential artists include Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Colbiet Callait, Jason Reeves, Donovan Frankenreiter, and Nick Drake. This was recorded live at home at around 9 PM on a Sunday night as my girlfriend studied for an exam, actually that's when I get a good deal of my recording done ;). A few backing vocals were layered over it. Please Stay the Night © 2012 Shan Carballo Lyrics: It's dark outside You shouldn't drive I'd love for you to stay and keep me company [Pre chorus] I'd sing for you Tell you stories of long ago Make all sorts of promises Just so you won't go [Chorus] And one day soon I'll give you the moon (I'll fly you to the moon and back) You already have my heart Please stay the night I never knew that you and I would be friends Was a nice surprise Even more so for my ex-girlfriend [Pre Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge] What's say we'll write us our own theme song In a major key What's say we'll write us our own theme song Padadaam padadadaaa [Chorus]