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star wars

star wars

PlayStation Access TV 45 - Darksiders 2! Gamescom 2012! STAR WARS 1313!

4y ago


PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation news, events and goodies each week! You should subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode: In this week's show: - We dice with Death as we celebrate the coming of Darksiders 2 in Game of the Week - PlayStation briefing reveals DiRT 2 as we chat to Codemasters about the game, we talk to Criterion Games about Need for Speed: Most Wanted and we look ahead to GAMESCOM NEXT WEEK! - On The Store takes a ganders at the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus. - Bonus Level prepares for gamescom 12 by announcing the winner of our Access Presenter competition - Access All Areas takes you to a galaxy far, far away as we visit LucasFilm to chat about STAR WARS 1313 - Sign Out involves clowns. And canons. Love the video? Hit the Like button and drop us a comment to say hi! Want more?