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Plastic! exhibition

4y ago


Majestic waterfalls of multicolored polymers framed by rolling meadows of glistening fiberglass. Distant oceans of rubber duckies, barbie dollies, and toy soldiers plume in tides crashing onto silicone beaches. Totems of Tupperware, bottle caps, and plastic dishes spiraling towards the manufactured heavens. Endless streams of photons etch specters onto light sensitive celluloid surfaces. Breathe in your daily carbon monoxide cocktail, delivered in such wonderful flavors of translucent shopping bags. Plastic! Wonderful, wonderful plastic. Tomorrow we sail off into the iridescent horizon on floating islands of automobile tires and inflatable mattresses. The visions within the exhibition Plastic! focus on celebrating the artificial. The non-organic. The fabricated. The polymer. The artists in the exhibition all work with materials or ideas outside of the sustainable, or the ecologically driven. Through their indulgence in the non-biodegradable, they sharply criticize our gilded synthetic culture; one hand in the recycle bin and the other in the Bugs Bunny cookie jar. Artists: Paula Gaetano Adi Chris Harvey Mindy McDaniel Seamus Liam O'Brien Ryan Roth Curated By: Fernando Orellana June 1st - 30th, 2012 Salem Art Works Salem, NY