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4y ago


Plantar Wart Treatment can be very difficult, there are many different forms of plantar wart treatment described on the internet most don't work and of the ones that may work they are not reliable. That is they might work for one or two patients but the rest will get no results. Plantar Warts are very difficult to resolve, most patients we see have wasted a fortune on visiting professionals who have had no success. The time they waste lets the warts spread and get bigger. It is best to find a professional who specialises in the treatment of Plantar Warts. There are two things that are important when deciding to use a plantar wart treatment. 1. It must be repeatable and reliable, that it must work in at least 85% of the cases it is used on. 2. It must cause patients the minimal amount of pain that is possible. Bear in mind all Plantar Wart Treatments will create some degree of pain. At Brighton Podiatry Plantar Warts are a specialty of ours we employ the latest laser technology and have a success rate of better than 90% with just one treatment. If you suffer from plantar warts and have had trouble getting rid of them give us a call I am sure we will be able to help you. Brighton Podiatry is located at 1 Male Street Brighton 3186 our contact number is (03) 9592 9000.