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Pitch Black Hour - Blessed from below(Satyricon in tributecover)

2y ago

Description In Tribute Cover to Satyricon! Macabre sharp intoxicating cup of death creates features by finely tuned acting. Monumental sombre mood, in the form of sinister musical performance, philharmonic misery of soul choirs, harmonious agony of death from serpent-tongues, merciless masqurade in the form of darkness, and horror games, A noisy obsession in the occult rendering of light from oblivions old grand garden and tells the stories of unknown origin, withdrawn from existence with pitch black magic, as penetrated empty shells of an inconsiderable echo devoided of physical body map, moans on the sixth sense frequency, inflammation clots body into marble, a mesmeric war under black art favor. As caught in death's sleepy capsule, pale of life and vision, half drowned in its pit comes the music from Pitch Black Hour!