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popular party

popular party

Pinksixty News SUNDAY 01 JULY 2012

4y ago


London's World Pride has suffered major last minute changes to its schedule. Organisers are blaming the UK economy, but the party is still going ahead. Check the Pride London website for details. A man has been charged with the murder of South African activist Thapelo Makuthle, in the Northern Cape. Sizwe Tajini was captured while using his victim's laptop, which he stole at the time of the killing. Spain's conservative, Popular Party's secretary, Iñaki Oyarzábal has come out. Newspaper, El Mundo, now lists Oyarzábal as Spain's third most influential gay person. Journalist, Alex Au has won the 2012 Singapore Humanist of the Year Award. The society said he was "highly respected within the gay community, for his relentless fight against discrimination and bigotry." And finally, In the war against homophobic bullying, no-one stands up more than British ex-rugby star Ben Cohen. You can support Ben's charity by getting into his pants - and buying a pair from the Stand Up Foundation online store.