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animated film

animated film

Pieces of Your Heart

4y ago


THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN UPDATED. PLEASE VIEW THE CORRECTED VERSION: Sometimes you have to travel far to understand the kindness of home where no one is an alien. This is my entry in the 2012 University of Western Australia MachinimUWA V short animated film festival. Didn't you always want to fly away in your Radio Flyer wagon? Joey did. When he found a lost young alien robot hiding in his backyard, they went together on a space journey to find the robot's family. Along the way they also picked up courage, hope, kindness, and the meaning of home. MUSIC All music CC By license Downloads available from A Glass of Rioja and a Sky Full of Stars (Radiotimes & Panu Moon) Robo Pome (Panu Moon) Stronger Angels (Unreal_dm & Panu Moon) The Broken (Admiral Bob & Jeris)