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PICCOLO PETE -1929- Fred Hall & his Sugar Babies!

4y ago


A hit novelty tune of 1929 played by Fred "Sugar" Hall & his Sugar Babies, a hot dance band of New York in the late twenties. The sound is very much like Harry Resers Six Jumping Jacks, wth Tom Stacks! The Sugar Babies recorded jazzy up tempo comic songs that ensured an entertaining evening gathered around the victrola. Piccolo Pete, Okeh # 41317 recorded 10,23,1929 Pictured also is the sheet music issue from this novelty tune. My sincere thanks for the kind assistance of Ed Grosso, whose father played in this hot band! And to Mary Keller, from who I got this rare record years ago! Enjoy the "roaring twenties" fun! Freds band lineup about this time is: Fred Hall, p, v, directing: Jack Mollick, t Eddie Grosso, cl, as Philip d'Arcy, h, vn, p, w Albert Russo, bj Al Morse, bb Joseph Mayo, d Arthur Fields, vocal PS: Ed Grosso's dad also played in George Olsen's band, and with Russ Morgan in the thirties! From jazz to country to society bands, on records and radio shows, he played them all... through the 1960s!