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Photo of ghost captured at Titanic victims’ cemetery?

3y ago


Watch the video Photo of ghost captured at Titanic victims’ cemetery? on Yahoo! News. Turk Stage, of Halifax, Canada, was visiting the Fairview Lawn Cemetery with his brother who traveled from out of town. As reported by CTV News, Fairview Lawn Cemetery is the final resting place for over one hundred victims of the Titanic and Turk’s brother believes he captured the image of a ghost at the graveyard. Turk said, “It’s a real photo. I was standing there next to my brother when he took it. Um, I do have the real version of the photo completely zoomed out. Um, you know, people are going to say what, you know, they’re going to say.” Turk said that he never really believed in apparitions until his brother’s photo made him question his long held thoughts. The Canadian Maritime provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, are home to numerous ghost stories. Halifax’s Waverley Inn is said to be haunted by the spirit of Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, who was once stayed at the inn. At St. Paul’s church, a window was replaced after the Halifax explosion and folklore says the silhouette of man appeared in the new glass. At The Halifax Club downtown, reports of cigar smoke smells are believed to indicate the spirit of a past male guest, who died at the club, has never left. As for the Fairview Lawn Cemetery photo, skeptics argue that the face depicted is probably just light shining on the contrasts of a knot in the tree. Turk remains somewhat skeptical saying, “I did see it. It does appear to be ghostly. But I’ll still say it could be a ray of light, or you know, it could be a shadow. But again, you know, you see what you believe you see.”