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PHOEBE, IF YOU SEE THIS VIDEO, DROP DOWN FOR THE LOT OF BIRTHDAY WISHES, AND MESSAGES: TWEET THIS VIDEO TO PHOEBE: Here is the video of our PHOEBE TONKIN BIRTHDAY PROJECT in 2012! Fans all over the world sent us a lot of messages, photos and videos them wishing Happy Birthday to Phoebe! Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Thank you for zsófia ( who made this awesome video for US, and for PHOEBE!!! BIRTHDAY WISHES: Name: Ferenc Tóth Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday, Phoebe! I'm one of your BIGGEST fans from Hungary, I hope you'll see this Birthday Project, we made for you all around the world. I follow your carreer from the beginning, and I liked you as a mermaid, as a warrior princess, and as a witch! Have a wonderful day!! Name: jerrica Contact: Website: Birthday Message: hey phoebe i hope u have the greatest birthday ever!! u are the best!! love from your biggest fan!!(phoebe tonkin lover) Name: Karen Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday Phoebe Tonkin! Please email me sometimeee!!! I have a question! Thanks! Name: Kitty Contact: Website: Birthday Message: First, I would like to say, you are my fav character (other than Jessica and Shelley) on The Secret Circle! You are an amazing actress, and I would love to meet you! But that would obviously never happen so . . . any way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOEBE TONKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Name: Jessica Hogeveen Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday Phoebe! I hope you\'re having a great day filled with lots of love, joy, cake and Fayana and Clemma. You're an amazing actress and I love(d) you on H2O and The Secret Circle! I wish you all the best! Love xoxo Name: Lucia Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday Phoebe. Hope you have an awesome one and remember to live every day like a holiday! Name: Marcela Contact: Website:!/Marcelka9 Birthday Message: Hi!! Happy Birthday Phoebe! good health and happiness and success!!I love you Phoebe I am your very big fan!! Name: Kelly Savidge Contact: Website:!/KellyJo93 Birthday Message: Phoebe! I hope you have an AMAZING birthday!!! Now you have solo magic, i hope you get everything you wanted :) love Kelly xx Name: Havi Anne Contact: Website:!/TSC_PLLgirl Birthday Message: Phoebe, Happy Birthday!! I'm a huge, HUGE fan, and I loved seeing you play Faye on The Secret Circle. You're so amazing and beautiful and talented!! Have a great birthday. P.S. Fayana lives on. :) Name: Rohini Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Hey Phoebe Tonkin ! Happy birthday Name: Rachael Donnellan Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday Phoebe love from myself your fans and Australia. We loved you in H2o just add water to Tomorrow When the War Began and to The Secret Circle!!! Love you heaps from Rachael Name: Rosa Contact: Website: Birthday Message: ¡Happy Birthday! You're deserve even more, you're a charming girl.¡¡kisses!!¡¡:D :D :D :D :D!! Name: Júlia Rosa Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you , I love you so much and I hope all yours dreams come true . Thank God because I've found you xoxo :* Name: Andreea Contact: Website: Birthday Message: Happy Birthday Phoebe! Sending lot's of love and support from Romania to you and I wish you the best! Also, pl...